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Suitable material selection for different applications in energy sector, non-destructive corrosion monitoring in oil and gas industry, testing of programmable corrosion of implants in medicine, efficiency of eco-inhibitors in food technology, quality of barrier system of coatings under atmospheric conditions, prediction of life-time of metallic structures in construction industry, compatibility of electronic components and safety of nanotechnology.
Failure analysis and consulting services are core bussiness of our company. Corrosion never dies due to the fact that innovation in materials or applications provides also new opportunity for material degradation and failure. In our company we are testing, monitoring and prediction of corrosion of materials both in labs and in terrain. Consult with us and save your company costs and public safety interests. Our services include:
Research, development & innovations on highly demanding inquiries across industry in cooperation with Universities and Academy of Science, expertisis, reports.
Corrosion training and coaching, practice and conferences. Managing student research stages, prize for young corrosion scientists. Consulting. Check our actual Autumn Corrosion Training 2018!
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